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The Author

Lynda DresherIn the “Creatively Creative Story about Creativity”, Jackie’s Creativity is challenged by his parents and teacher’s unimaginative perspectives. The main star, Creativity, a character filled with ever changing colors, playful patterns and whimsical expressions, was drawn countless times until its essence jumped off the page. Courage, larger and stronger in stature, is Creativity’s best friend; without Courage, Creativity can’t exist. The positive and negative characters; Happy, Joy, Hope and Fear, Hate, Anxiety, Gloom and Despair, compete for Jackie’s attention. Fear’s menacing shadow fights Jackie’s Creativity throughout the story as Hate, consumed in flames, watches over the dark forest. These characters exist within each and every one of us.

Back in the 1980’s, Lynda and her production team marketed the concept from coast to coast where it was devalued and misunderstood at that time. After many years and many disappointments, the story and illustrations were put to sleep. Until two years ago, when her daughters, Jody and Cheryl, both artists, woke them up. All of sudden, they were making prints of her original pieces and displaying them in art shows. The response to these characters were amazing! They related to the characters in such a profound way that it inspired her to take a new look. The Creativity story is just as important today as it was back 40 years ago. She realized that getting her message to the public was much easier now than ever. Her new picture book, the first in a series, “Jackie and Creativity Go to School.” will be published shortly. Or should we say, finally!

Personal History:
Creativity (n.) has been a part of my life since I can remember. I would watch my mother, Ellin, a studio artist, play with paint and form, as my father, Sam, practiced law. My mother and I would take many art classes together and spend hours discussing the book, “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri, who proclaimed, “Life is art and art is life!”
I studied at The Art Center of Design in California, where I continued my research on the subject of art psychology. In the “Courage to Create” by Rollo May, he writes that it takes supreme courage to be creative. I understood this completely. My mother struggled with her work everyday. She was a perfectionist and highly critical of herself and often told me that I was way more creative than she ever was. I learned from her mistakes. My less critical approach, freed me from myself. I continued to explore what made people creative and what hindered this process. Abraham H. Maslow’s book, “Religion, Values and Peak Experiences,” answered some of my questions. I felt empowered after reading about the importance of brainstorming and the “peak experience”. He writes, being playful and childlike, allows the creative juices to flow because as we age, life becomes “more serious”.

In my 20’s, it was my burning desire to help the future generation embrace their inner child and develop themselves creatively. I conducted creativity workshops for parents and children at a local park district as I continued to work on my creativity concept. Eventually, I received recognition. Channel 5, “ON Q” featured my creativity story on their esteemed television station. Click here to watch!

The creative spark within me has guided and informed my life. I believe in that moment of creation, we touch the divine. We are totally immersed in the present moment and that peak experience that transcends time and space is where God (Source) lives. Looking back on my life, my evolution from artist, singer, cantor, chaplain, grief recovery specialist and wise aging counselor, makes perfect sense. I know that my excitement is divinely inspired and that my desire to inspire others is my calling. Having raised two daughters who are overflowing with creative energy and embrace life with unlimited possibilities, fills my heart with appreciation and hope for future generations. I pray that they also empower others to be creative.

Please help us to create a world filled with creativity, courage, hope, joy, happiness and love!!

Lynda Hope